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2017 Sale Catalog
Watch for consignments to be added daily!

Bob May and Darren Clouse will both be at the Divas for transportation!

Allred/Elliott - Lot 1
Tag 7006
Sire: Curtain Call
Dam: Enigma Donor 4188

DOB: Jan 10, 2017

This is one stout, powerful female that has stud ewe written all over her.  From her tree trunk legs, to her big hip and wild rump, to her awesome rib-cage to her furry face.  This one is probably the best we have offered at the Divas to date.

Consignor: Allred/Elliott - View Website









Allred/Elliott - Lot 2
Tag 7013
Sire: Uproar
Dam: AWTR Donkey Punch Donor

DOB: Jan 12, 2017

This fancy thing is dammed by a former diva consigned by AWTR and she has moved right into the donor group, just like this little lady will I'm sure.  Elegance and quality built in this little gem.

Consignor: Allred/Elliott - View Website









Jimmy Davis - lot 4

Allred/Elliott - Lot 2
Tag 7037
Sire: Bartender (Uproar x Stud Duck)
Dam: Blowin Smoke

DOB: 1/5/17

Unique is the term that describes our 2017 Diva entry perfectly! Good looking, round bodied and massive backed as one can get with an extremely large cabooty! We couldn't be more pleased with the Bartender babies. They are as consistent in their look as the Uproars with a shot more base width, bone and stoutness. We unfortunately lost Bartender this spring but have an amazing full brother to replace him. Matt Kennedy just purchased 1/2 interest in him and we can't wait to unveil him to you. Their Stud Duck dam may go down as quite honestly the most influential female in our flocks history! 
Now back to the maternal side of this diva. Her dam is a first time lamber that will see the donor pen, just as her dam and granddam have for us! Come check to El Reno and check her out!

Consignor: Begalka - View Website









Jimmy Davis - lot 4
Jimmy Davis - Lot 4

Tag #7013
Sire: Broadway
Dam: Pablo

D.O.B.; 2/7/17

Consignor: Jimmy Davis - View Website

A really good Broadway with loads of quality and Hampshire character. Broadway is the Joe Harrell bred son of Big Time on a Focus daughter. Pablo was the true foundation sire for Joe and me that we bought from Shroyer. He was a Picasso x Hotwire and has proven his value by siring top stud rams, winning wethers, and top shelf ewes. His daughters are the backbone of our flocks and have worked well for many others across the country. 7013 herself is extremely complete and fault free. She balances well, is stout featured, and has tremendous shape down her top. We always try to bring good ones to El Reno, and this one is no exception!









Long Livestock - Lot 5
Long Livestock - Lot 5
Tag #7005
Sire: Dobby (Because I Can x Lithium)
Dam: "Tag 11" Butt Ugly

D.O.B.; 1/9/17

Consignor: Long Livestock - View Website

When we went down to look at the remaining yearling ewes from Winfrey last summer there was no hesitation on pulling the trigger to purchase the entire group. Of that set, there was one girl in particular that stood out to us and Tony that we felt could raise some big time show sheep, “Tag 11”. With her first set of lambs she knocked it out of the park! 7005 is the kind of show lamb we strive to raise at our place. She is so hard to find a hole in. She’s extremely tall and smooth fronted. She is by far the roundest and freakiest ribbed one we have ever made, not to mention the wild muscle shape down her top and flair to her hip and stifle. Her big shaggy legs only add to her impeccable skeletal quality. This ewe lamb has no limits for what she can do for her new owner. Let her fill your showman’s wall with purple banners this show season, then let her fill your wallet with green paper come lambing season!









Long Livestock - Lot 5
Long Livestock - Lot 6
Tag #7020
Sire: Shoot Yeah
Dam: Butt Ugly x Crossfire (Hashtag's Mom)

D.O.B.; 1/24/17

Consignor: Long Livestock - View Website

This girl was really tough for us to turn loose. She comes from the most powerful ewe family we have, as her Grand Dam is Hashtag’s mom. We wanted to bring a ewe that showcases the quality of our program. Shoot Yeah did a phenomenal job for us this year and crossed extremely well on Winfrey Genetics. This gal has been a favorite from day one. She is killer from the side! Her short blade and shallow chest will make sure no one gets around you in the show ring. I love her rib shape and center dimension, and you will not find one with a better hide and handle. This ewe will be a force to be reckoned with at the shows, and a big time asset to your breeding program!









Hobbs - Lot 7
Hobbs - Lot 7
Tag HSL 7077
Sire: Road Rage
Dam: General

D.O.B.: January

This bold caged, ultra feminine beauty is quite impressive. She has all the width and muscle you could ever ask for, and ties it into a package that is still smooth and very well balanced. She's out of the same ewe family that produced Eskimo Joe, and numerous winners over the years. Eric Shellhouse purchased her twin brother off the farm earlier this spring. We expect that both she and her brother will have very successful show careers.

Consignor: Hobbs Show Lambs - View Website









Hobbs - Lot 8
Hobbs - Lot 7
Tag HSL 7139
Sire: Road Rage
Dam: Brickyard (ATM’s mom)

D.O.B.: February

This little gal truly has the potential to change the direction of a program. I honestly can't remember the last one we've made that had this much dimension and power! She's exceptional in her boldness of rib and back shape and still props up nicely from the side. She's the single natural born out of one of our most proven donors. Her maternal half sibs were all very impressive. Previously her mother has kicked out a slew of keeper ewe lambs, a jackpot Champion for Kaci Foraker, and most notably the Supreme Champion Ram at the Midwest Elite in 2015 who currently goes by the name ATM and looks to be doing a great job for Cen-Tex and Valentine in Texas.

Consignor: Hobbs Show Lambs - View Website






Allred/Elliott - Lot 3
Tag 17063
Crossbred Ewe Lamb
Sire: Liquid Courage 
Dam: Harrell 5164 Doc x Solution

D.O.B Jan

Well as I sit here at 2 am thinking about writing about this diva. First off it's that time of year where everyone loads their best to head to El Reno I try to pick one that way outside the box and is exotic. Well this one is a freak plain and simple! She is freaky racked with a ghetto booty all in a great body and super shallow chested.

Consignor: Northern Starr - View Website












Allred/Elliott - Lot 3
Lot 10 - Tag 17041
Southdown Ewe Lamb
Sire: Riot Maker
Dam: Hired Hand 1253

D.O.B Jan

Wow still can't believe I'm going to pull the trigger and let Voodoo's full sister leave the farm! If you're a serious Southdown wether breeder then this one is a must own. We all know how hot VooDoo has been this year and this one is a mover and shaker! So get in and don't stop till the dust settles!


Consignor: Northern Starr - View Website







Tag: 305
Sire: Open Carry (Broadway – Big Time x Focus)
Dam: MCL 36 – (Harrell 3028 (True Blood) X Point Blank (Picasso) )

D.O.B 2/6/17

The sire of this ewe is Open Carry a Broadway son raised by Robby Blakley. Broadway did a great job for Robby last year raising a $5,000 diva consignment and many successful show lambs across the nation.  The dam of this ewe was a breed champion for us at the Oklahoma Black and White a few years back. We were lucky enough to get her back after her show career. Her Grand dam is MCL4 who is a direct offspring of a Leverage X Caesar ewe that was part of our original bred ewe purchase from Jimmy Davis. We have turned out some females in the past few years we are really proud of.  This one is the best in my opinion. She massive topped with tons of shape and dimension, bold in her rib cage and jet level all while traveling around on a big fuzzy set of feet and legs. Please check out her video and then come lay your hands on her on sale day.


Consignor: McCurry Club Lambs - View Website









Tag: 17526
Sire: TW
Dam: Donkey

D.O.B. 2/1/17 - Twin

Consignor: Fisher Club Lambs - View Website







Tag:  HB 17149
Sire: Brisby
Dam: Angry Bird

D.O.B.  Late Jan

One of the wilder, more extreme ladies we had born this year from both a phenotype and genetic standpoint. This girl has huge paws, is very dynamic in her cage, and exceptionally expressive in her muscle shape. We rolled the dice, but based on how this girl looks and a few march borns, we'll be putting more Bird daughters on Brisby next year. 

Consignor: Hild Brothers Show Stock - View Website







Tag:  Orange 7009
Sire: Shoot Yeah
Dam: 18 - BIg Nasty (Arms Race x Donor 670)

D.O.B.  1/19/17

It's always an adrenaline rush when the calls made that sends out the invitation to a sale like the Dynamic Divas. After Clay got off the phone, I knew we had to dig deep and let one that I'd never planned on selling go. With that being said this Diva is pretty fancy. Talk about one that's mega stout starting at the ground, loads of that trendy shag that everyone's after. She's even more impressively assembled in her body shape from her chest to her flank. Its hard to crack one open and put a hard muscle touch on top of a cool body shape without giving up that trendy look from the side.  Not to mention, she's sired by the infamous "Shoot Yeah" of Harrell's, that made quiet a shake as far as generating some wild breeding pieces.  Buy her, let her gather some banners, and then sit back and watch her go to work in the breeding pen.

Consignor: Triple D Genetics- View Website







Tag:  17069 ET
Sire: BS (Beast x Gas Monkey's dam)
Dam: 299 (Dirty Monkey x Hit Me)

D.O.B.  1/16/17
DNA: At least QR

This ewe dynamic in all features - wide at the ground and  super big backed with a ton of leg shape and expression.  She stands on tree trunks and has more hair than a state fair steer.  Her pedigree is filled with quality Johnson genetics.  These are the kind breeders go on the hunt for, don't miss out.

Consignor: Corner View Club Lambs- View Website







Tag: JFSS 7097 ET
Sire: Fat Lip
Dam: $11,000 Impact Donor 1425

D.O.B. 1//20/17

Fat Lip has sired the 2015 Indiana Grand, 2015 Belt Buckle Grand, amongst many many others, and Impact 1425 was our $11,000 dynamic diva purchase in 2015. She is a Giddy Up x Young Jock/Impact 31 Six Bits Donor, and a flushmate to Scandalous and Apollo. Not sure what constitutes "donor caliber" in write ups anymore, but the genotype and phenotype in this one defines it to perfection!

Consignor: Johnson Family Show Stock - View Website






Tag:  JFSS 7127
Sire: MacFlurry
Dam: Eroc/40 Large


Consignor: Johnson Family Show Stock - View Website







Tag: Hired Hand 7092ET
Sire: Hired Hand 4034ET
Dam: Hired Hand 4022

D.O.B. 2/10/17

This female is possibly the best I have sold to date. A double bred Riot Maker granddaughter she is flat massive. You could serve Thanksgiving dinner across her rack and that bone and shag is impressive. She is huge in her center body and will make a brood ewe deluxe. This is the first set of flush lambs out of 4022 and needless to say it will happen again. 

Consignor: Hired Hand Southdowns - View Website







Tag: Hired Hand 7048
Sire: Turkey Man
Dam: Rader

D.O.B. 1/18/17

Power! She is huge pinned, big backed and explosive in her leg. Not to mention she is really round ribbed and good in her design. I think this one will work to show when she fattens up a little and then you can breed her to make whites or specks. 

Consignor: Hired Hand Southdowns - View Website






Sire: Polar Vortex
Dam: Dead Miller

D.O.B. 2/1/17

Consignor: Neff Livestock - View Website







Tag: 7010
Sire: Shoot Yeah
Dam: Massive x Crazy

D.O.B. : 2/2/17 

We always strive to bring a high-quality set to the Divas, and this one fits the bill. This wild bodied Diva is damned by a Massive daughter that had a very productive show career and we expect nothing less from her. 7010 is a wide made shallow chested, attractive female with tons of top side shape. We feel that this one can be very successful in the show ring as well as in the lambing barn. Stop by to check her out in El Reno. 

Consignor: Sharpton Club Lambs - View Website







Tag: 7011
Sire: Shoot Yeah
Dam: Massive x MasterCard

D.O.B. 2/2/17 

This little lady is one that we will regret selling but we wanted to offer one out of the heart of our program. This divas dam 3053, is a foundation female of our flock that has fetched several thousands of dollars in bucks and wether lambs sales in her career. If you like them moderate, stout, square and round bodied, make sure to stop in El Reno to check this diva out. 

Consignor: Sharpton Club Lambs - View Website







Tag 7001
Sire: Monkey Finger
Dam: Freak Show

 As the first lamb born 7001 paved the way for Monkey Finger's immediate success. Her exotic look up front, the ditch in her back and gigantic pin set almost over shadow the fact that she also round bodied and busted open underneath.  Her mother is a really good Freak Show that happens to be a maternal sister to 1007, an Eccentric donor that has nearly generated 30k. You're bound to like the way this girl props up  Saturday afternoon and will be even more pleased the first time she enters the lambing barn. I believe in this one! 

Consignor: Benson Livestock - View Website






Tag: Haws 4667
Sire: Flawless (Burn x Burn/Swagger)
Dam: 24D x E-1/E-1

D.O.B. 2/25/2017

This ewe is a brute. If you are wanting to add a donor quality female to your program look no further. She is a massive mound of true muscle shape and being out of Flawless has the body and rib to generate a changer. Her dam flushed 22 eggs this year sticking 80% of those and her 1/2 sister flushed 10 also sticking 80%. Three bucks out of these two flushes are currently in our keeper pen. Her dam also sired our lead diva ewe last year. Predictability here!

Consignor: Haws Club Lambs - View Website







Tag: Haws 4659
Sire: Flawless (Burn x Burn/Swagger)
Dam: E-Roc/Leverage

D.O.B. 2/21/2017

This ewe is extreme in her body shape and Hampshire character. If you are searching for one that is ideal in their lines, round ribbed with a ditch back this is your gal. She is extremely level out of her hip with plenty of product to make a great show ewe or lay down and have you a stud buck. Since E-Roc died we will not be selling very many bred like this one. Buy with confidence, this one will flat work!

Consignor: Haws Club Lambs - View Website






Tag # 7033
Sire: Center Cut (Centerfold X Desert Mule)
Dam: Sermon

D.O.B. January

I usually don't sell ewes of this caliber but when Clay asked us to bring one I thought I better dig deep. Her grand Dam is a the Log Dog donor that I bought from Clay in 2012. We have 18 of her offspring including this girl's mother who is also a donor. The set out of ET lambs out Sermon 5015 are very impressive and this one will be in the donor pen  just as soon as you get done showing her. This one has all the bells and whistles to get you noticed.  Don't miss out on a really good one.

Consignor: Jeffrey Club Lambs - View Website







Tag 7661 ET
Sire: Patent Pending (Impact "Warfare" x Impact 1219 ET (Gameface))
Dam: Farrow 2-109 (Miller 0-935 Touchstone Son x P3442)

D.O.B. 2/6/17

When I went to Impact Hamps last year I was looking for a Wow Factor kind of ram. The 40k plus purchased absolutely worked. Patent Pending has a dinner plate hip that Farrow Hampshires is known for coupled with a flawless skeleton with all the other accolades. Add that to a powerful show ewe and we get 7661. 
This gal kept the power and width of her mother and added that extra look. Robust rib with a wide open center body. Fancy neck out of clean shoulders. She has tons of shape that is dimensionally superb. Lots of bone and extremely fuzzy. I hate to part with her but wanted to bring a great one. 


Consignor: Farrow Hampshires- View Website







Tag B121
Sire: Minion
Dam: Unleaded

D.O.B. 2/4/17

Consignor: Prunty & Dyer Club Lambs- View Website







Tag: SL17008
Sire: Hawkeye 
Dam: Pablo x Okie 

D.O.B 1/7/17

17008 is sired by the Hindman buck lamb Hawkeye (Buckle x Choad) owned with Joe Harrell that has had an impressive year siring valuable offspring for both flocks. She is dammed by a former Diva purchase from Harrell whose flush to Shoot Yeah last year yielded a wether that won Heart of Texas and two valuable replacements. This year her twin ewe lambs are favorites amongst visitors. 17008 is the stouter built, heavier structured one that is more opened up and has always been incredibly shapely. 

Consignor: Strube Livestock - View Website







Tag: 17040
Sire: Holy Smokes
Dam: Burn x Lithium

DOB: 1/25

Holy Smokes (Chico x Doc x Pablo) is a top keeper buck lamb from last year that impressed visitors with his unique combination of power, body shape and hampshire quality. His sire Chico (Ace x Brickyard) had an outstanding first year siring crosses as well as two keeper black buck lambs that found 1/2 interest owners and have an impressive set of lambs on the ground. 17040 is dammed by a stunning Burn daughter purchased from Rule. This female will get you attention in motion with near perfect head and neck carriage, dead level design, stout skeleton and ideal balance. She is shapely, muscular and square but still looks like a female.

Consignor: Strube Livestock - View Website







Tag: 7032
Sire: Birthday Pony
Dam: Centerfold X True Blood

DOB: 12/28

This ewes mom is one that I'm really proud of. Her Doc ewe lamb last year was awfully special. She was was the Reserve Grand ewe at the Tulsa State Fair. 7032 herself is an absolute tank! You truly have to see this gal in person to appreciate how freaky big backed she is. We aren't quick to call one donor quality and we without a doubt believe this one could go on and progress someone's flock as a lead donor!

Consignor: Tyler Rhoads - View Website







Tag: 7126
Sire: Hawkeye
Dam: 4131 Pablo (El Chapo's mom) 

DOB: 1/13

Joe takes pride in his Diva set every year. This year we have put together a set of three ewe lambs that we feel could go out and produce stud bucks, donor quality females, and show winning wethers for their respective buyers. We start off with one that's smoking good looking backed up with a stout pedigree. 7126s mom (4130) is the Dam to the popular buck we sold Kennedy and Sharpton last spring that has sired a nice set of sheep at all three farms. She is also a full sister in blood to our  popular second high selling buck (Lot 3 Tag 7117) that sold to Larry Despain. This one is big time! 

Consignor: Harrell - View Website







Tag: 7075
Sire: Shoot Yeah
Dam: 2189 Player X Revolution 

DOB: 1/2

The Shoot Yeah females are proving themselves as some of our best producing ewes with that being said the thought of selling this one is crazy. Like I stated in the earlier lot Joe wants to bring some of his best and this one and this is for sure one of them. 7075s mom is a ewe that we have flushed in the past with great success. Her natural lamb in 2015 was the reserve ram at Midwest Elite was cut then went on the be selected champion natural and fourth overall at the Ohio State Fair. Win shows with her then put her in your flock. She will work! 

Consignor: Harrell - View Website







Tag: 7003
Sire: El Chapo
Dam: Big Time

DOB: 12/26

I can clearly recall when 7003 was born I knew then that we had something in El Chapo. Most visitors that came by the farm took notice of 7003 before we even got to the pen. Her extreme hip shape and rugged structure make her so special. As good as the Shoot Yeah females are working we feel the El Chapo ewe should do even better. 

Consignor: Harrell - View Website









Consignor: Simpson Livestock - View Website











Consignor: Simpson Livestock - View Website









Sire: Papa Pat
Dam: 100 

DOB: 1/17/17

This one will be hard to let go, we sold her brother as a ram off the farm to Scott/Nick Greiner and Dave Dunn. Her only fault is she is a touch green, but great for the buyer as she will only get better. She is line bred as Papa Pat's mom is a 100 daughter. She will make a great mom and show ewe!

Consignor: Greiner - View Website







Tag: 17022
Sire: Fight Song
Dam: Moose Knuckle (Donkey Punch x Tundra) 

DOB: Early February

Clay always asks that we bring one to Divas that hurts to sell, well it hurts to sell this one. She's a unique creature. Incredibly opened up underneath and big ended but her front 1/3 is designed so well, her body shape and underline are incredible and she's bred extremely well. Her sire, Fight Song, is one of the coolest we've ever bred with and this will be the last female we will ever sell out of him as he died this winter. Her dam is the only daughter we got out of the Donkey Punch son we used. This female will be a valuable breeding piece. 

Consignor: Shellhouse - View Website







Tag: 1704
Sire: Big Bang
Dam: Gold Rush (Nicewonger)

DOB 1/12/17

Every year we get excited about this coming weekend. Since we won't be showcasing lambs at the corp or black & white, we thought we would get serious for diva's. We feel like 1704 hits all the high notes. Her mother 1412, in her first lamb crop raised our reserve hamp ewe at the 2016 State Fair of Oklahoma!!! This year WOW!!! 1704 without question, is the best female we've ever offered for sale.

Consignor: Allison McGolden - View Website







Tag 1718
Sire: Shootout(Impact)
Dam: Full Throttle (Elliott)

DOB 2/8/17

Thinking we were coming to divas with only 1 bullet in the gun??? Think twice. We decided to offer up this great female, 1718 is everything we aim for in a replacement female. Powerful, wide and plenty good balanced.  And did I mention that winning is in this one's pedigree?? 1718's mother, 1508, was Reserve Supreme Ewe at the 2015 State Fair of Oklahoma. 

Consignor: Allison McGolden - View Website







Tag H064
Sire: Boots
Dam: Fowl


We have consistently hauled ewe lambs to Clay's sale that have gone on to generate dollars for their new owners. We understand that spending loads of money on unproven ewe lambs is tough, so we make sure we bring females that stem from maternal lines that produce year end and year out. This "Boots" ewe is no different. Her "Fowl" momma and the "Fowl" females in general have done great things for us in the past couple years. This ones mom in particular raised Stotelmyers popular smokey colored sheep that made the sale at Denver last year. Her daddy has made a huge impact on the industry in his first crop siring rams that are headed to Wheaton/Buckham, Ryan McKinney, and Williams/Amthauer. As well as a $5000 ewe lamb that sold in Indy.  This ones genetics are stout, and phenotypically this one is crazy good.  This one will win shows if you decide to haul her and she will surely get you a return on your investment in no time.

Consignor: Middlesworth - View Website







Tag 7032
Sire: El Chapo
Dam: M100 Maker


If you judge sheep strictly in the size of their legs and how much hair they can produce I'd keep scrolling. If you think a good one has to have the right kind of rib cage, a neat underline, and shape and expression of muscle to be hard to build, keep studying this thing. Genetically she is bred to have more muscle than any sheep should have. Her momma is a Maker x Masterpiece ewe I bought from Miller a few years ago and daddy is the Harrell buck we purchased last year, El Chapo. Both of them are crazy stout and groves everywhere. I've told a few people already, I don't think this one will get huge but I honestly believe she will raise a buck in her lifetime. 

Consignor: Middlesworth - View Website







Tag 17050
Sire: Bullseye
Dam: Obnoxious x Stud Duck

DOB Late January
DNA: Pending

Consignor: Amthauer - View Website







Sire: Krazy Karl
Dam: White Rock x Trunk


Consignor: SRV Show Lambs - View Website







Sire: Lunch Box
Dam: Real Steel

Consignor: SRV Show Lambs - View Website







Wattonville 7412
Sire: Bullet Proof
Dam: Rango

Consignor: Wattonville Club Lambs - View Website







Wattonville 7234
Sire: Tator
Dam: Flawless

Consignor: Wattonville Club Lambs - View Website







Tag 17101
Sire: Farmtruck
Dam: Homebrew

DOB 1/26/2017

Farmtruck is a DAP Son ( DAP is a Massive (Masterpiece Son) X Moonshine purchased from Sharpton Club Lambs
Homebrew is a Houdini (Trigger X Grand Slam) X Outcast ewe purchased from Brian Johnson

Consignor: Rockin' S - View Website







Tag 17309
Sire: Kamikaze
Dam: Duece

DOB 2/9/2017

Kamikaze is a Impact Buck that sold at the Men of Influence he is a Wild Game x 802 and out of a Duece ewe, Duece is a Lefty Son owned with Hindman Club Lambs

Consignor: Rockin' S - View Website







Tag: 728
Sire: Rockabilly 
Dam: Blind Luck x (Troubadour x Troubadour)

D.O.B: Mid Jan

Over the past few years we've brought out some of really nice ewes. I still can't believe that this one is headed to El Reno. We had a really nice set of early babies but this one has stood out since she hit the ground. This ewe line has a rock in our breeding program over the past few years. She's got all the intangibles to make a show ewe and potential to make her mark during production.

Consignor: Morris & Pierson- View Website







Tag # 1704et
Sire: Joint Custody
Dam: Harrel Doc x Solution

DOB: 1/24/17

No fancy write ups here. 1704 has been a wide centered big backed rip from birth. Good structured sound footed and balanced....if it wasn't for the fact that Jeff and I are reducing our partnership she would be retained!!!!

Consignor: Mike Petzenhauser







Sire:  34
Dam: Tommy

With this being my first time to consign to Divas I knew I had to reach in and bring one that I really didn't want to sell. That being said, here she is. This girl always demands your attention running around the pen and when you gather her up she is impressive in her back shape and good looking from the side. It excites me to be able to offer up a female of this caliber. If you decide to show her she will win shows and when she's done there she will lay down and make you money.

Consignor: Garrett Goodwin - View Website






Tag: Goodwin 7080
Sire:  34
Dam: Lock n Load (Arms Race son)

The lambs we're bringing are genuine for sure. No fitting, no  pimping, no special care, etc. Pulled out of keeper group pen this morning. And as someone who has bought plenty of sheep at sales I appreciate sheep who continue to get better and better when I take em home. Be very confident that these will do just that.
The daughters of our #34 ram are incredible. We are lambing the ewe lambs from 2016 out right now . Their mothering instincts are what everybody hopes for. They take care of business! Those who have been to the farm including breeders, college judging teams, and wether buyers are all in awe about the consistency, caliber and quality of #34 daughters.  Structure, quality and muscle all in cool packages. They really are flock builders!

Now for Goodwin 7080 pictures here.
She's a little green but she's flat out nice. I know you'll appreciate her more in person than in these phone pictures. Her mother is a cool , square built "lock n load " ewe out of a "Digital" daughter (double bred "Ceasar").  The #34 X Lock n Load combination is a great combination across the board for us.
Come to El Reno and inspect her for yourself.

Consignor: Goodwin - View Website







Sire:  Echo
Dam:  Bad Cat

This gal is assembles some pretty impressive features.  She is wild ribbed, giant backed, and offers extra bone and ruggedness in a striking package.  Her mom is a result of our ET program and this one has tons of heritage.  Whether you are searching a donor prospect or a great show ewe, this one exceeds expectation.

Consignor: Droppert - View Website







Sire: Pillow Talk
Dam: Puma

DOB: 2/15/17

Consignor: Newsom - View Website






Tag 7040
Sure: Curtain Call
Dam: 1158 (Maker X Master Copy)

Consignor: Triple J - View Website







Tag 6092
Sire: Opulence 
Dam: 2040 (Roadrunner X composure)

Consignor: Triple J - View Website























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