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2017 Sale Catalog


Lot 101

Tag: 17079 ET
Sire: BS (Beast x Gas Monkey's dam)
Dam: 3021 (TA x Swamp Donkey)

D.O.B.  1/16/17

This natural wether is one stud dude!  Huge groove down the center of his back, big and square hipped.  He looks cool and handles harder than a rock.  If you want a player in the naturals, here is a heck of opportunity!

Consignor: Corner View Club Lambs- View Website




Lot 102

Sire: Papa Pat
Dam: Hairy Cherry

D.O.B.  2/1/17

Selling half interest - Will swap 9/16 weekend unless prior agreement
Selling half semen rights

We know his dad is a great ram but this is stouter made massive hipped, bigger boned version.  He is high headed and cocky fronted with huge feet, for his muscle mass is great bodied and deep flanked, these pictures don't do him justice, we will get a video before we leave.  

Consignor: Greiner - View Website





Lot 102

Tag #7027
Sire: Shoot Yeah
Dam: Cartel

DOB: 1/12/17

Consignor: Triple D Genetics - View Website






Sire: Sermon
Dam: Game Face

Consignor: Benson Livestock - View Website







Tag: Goodwin -Rd- 7312
Sire: Shoot Yeah
Dam: Lock n Load

"Looks like a show steer" is the comment we usually get when we show people this buck lamb. He's dead level hipped, big backed, good chested and has bone to burn.  He's so robust and opened up in his skeleton and has loads of natural muscle on the top side. His underline , flank , twist to chest floor placement relationship is spot on.  We like this one a lot and feel confident he can make a really positive contribution to lots and lots of flocks across the country. You know all about how great "Shoot Yeah" is , so on his other side,,  His mother is a Lock n Load daughter that is one cool rip to look at on the move. She's square built , big hipped and yet really elegant fronted with a great neck and head carriage presence. This pic from my phone is straight out of the pen that he's running in with the ewe lambs. No fitting, shrinking Etc. He's real, he's all there! See you in El Reno.

Consignor: Goodwin - View Website




For more information: Clay Elliott 575-635-6340